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June Atkind, LICSW

I have learned and incorporated many useful theories and techniques throughout the more than 25 years I have been in clinical practice. The most powerful and influential factor in my work is a belief system that pre-dates my professional career. It is my conviction that every person has strengths and abilities which can contribute to a positive and productive life. Pain and suffering result when our strengths are overwhelmed by the challenges we face. I view treatment as a process by which strengths are identified, amplified, and unleashed, thereby empowering individuals to regain a sense of control and well-being.

I was first introduced to meditation while still in my teens.  I studied and practiced, intermittently, over many years, because I found it personally beneficial.  Over the past decade, as the Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy movement has grown, and research has supported the benefits of meditation in treating a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions, my personal and professional interests converged and intensified.  I created the Mindful Living Workshop to make mindfulness accessible and relevant to the widest range of people possible.  It has been incredibly rewarding to introduce participants to simple, practical concepts and techniques that can dramatically help in coping with stress, decreasing problem behaviors, and increasing life satisfaction.

Since 2005, I have been a member of Needham Psychotherapy Associates, a group of highly skilled clinicians serving Needham and the surrounding towns for over 30 years.  To learn more about NPA, visit

Man Sitting on a Bench

As you walk

and eat and travel,

be where you are.


you will miss

most of your life.

- Buddha

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